10 months of saving for a worthwhile trip to Entim Camp, Masai Mara (PHOTOS)

Where can a person go and chill for two days? I asked my friend. I was tired of Naivasha. Mombasa was too far, Machakos did not have places I liked, and Mount Kenya was too cold. I wanted a place near Nairobi. Not the usual.

Noticing that I was very picky, she asked me to give her some time to research and get recommendations. That week we had a back and forth on WhatsApp. All the places she suggested, I turned down. One afternoon, she overheard a conversation in the gym steam room. Some women were talking about “this place” they had gone for their Chamaa retreat.  Curious,

she asked them about the place and they told her it was Lerruat Log Resort.

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She decided to check out the place before recommending it to me. When she told me, I was excited. I love adventure. The place sounded exotic. When she sent me photos, I immediately fell in love with the place. When I checked my Google map, I found that Leruat is exactly 98kms from my house and takes me one hour 40 minutes. Perfect!

I called the resort, negotiated the rates and booked. I left Nairobi on a Saturday afternoon. It was about 4.30pm. The map is easy. You drive to Athi River, Kitengela and head towards Isinya. The road is awesome – just do not get carried away and speed!

On the Isinya – Namanga road you will see a sign of a small town called Kumpa on your left. About 100m you will see the signage for the resort on your left.

The adventure started when we took the turn and started driving up the hill. The scenery is amazing. I was lucky to catch the sunset. Woow!!

In the Maa language, Lerruat means a place for sleeping.
From the main game, you drive up a steep hill for about 1 kilometer. When you get to the top, the scenery is breathtaking!
The view from Lerruat Log Resort. I spent many hours here just staring at the horizon.

When we arrived, the resort manager was waiting at the car park ready to welcome us. The rooms are made of wood. I guessed that is why they added “log” to their name.

I fell in love with the views. The food too was excellent – made fresh! I hate buffets. The food made my stay even more pleasurable. The rooms are comfortable, they have a bar that faces the valley which was another plus for me. The temperature dropped drastically at night. If you plan to visit, please carry warm clothing for the very cold nights. The down-side was the shower. The water is not hot. On the first day it was warm and on the second day, I had to enjoy a very cold shower.

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I managed to get the rest I was looking for. Even better, the Safaricom network was so poor that I was completely off. For me to make a phone call, I had to go near the reception area. I also managed to hike a hill that is behind the resort. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and will certainly go back again.

More photos below!

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