Kyamuilu is a hill in Machakos where spirits of two men fight

As I grew up, I always heard stories of this place in Machakos where water would flow against gravity. It was not until I was all grown up that I decided to look for the "strange" place that defied gravity. 

From Machakos town, I was told it would be 15 minutes drive to Kyamuilu.

Pronounced as cha-mu-i-lu. No one was sure about the distance. All I was told was to drive straight and I would see a group of men sitting with plastic containers full of water.

Origin of the name Kyamuilu

Kyamuilu was named after identical twin brothers called Kyallo and Mwilu. According to local legend, the two men got to an age where they were required to marry and the Kamba elders put pressure on them to get wives. But they were not in a hurry. 

She conceived. The first child was a boy. Since the woman had two husbands and DNA testing was not an option, the brothers had a big fight over who fathered the boy. The village elders advised that the child would not be given a Kamba name. He was named Kamau - a Kikuyu name. It was never known who fathered Kamau. The woman conceived a second child - a girl. The family did not have more children. Mwilu died first and was buried in Kyamuilu. After 10 years Kyallo died. He was also buried in the same place.

When Mwende got of age, she got married and relocated to Lukenya. She left her mother and brother Kamau behind. Without a father or a husband, Mwende advised them to sell the land and move to Lukenya when she lived with her husband. After the land was sold, legend has it that the spirits of the twin brother are still fighting over who fathered Kamau.